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The average toy video is less than 20 minutes a day.

Start on Monday and be finished by the weekend.

hi-res images will be available to help you


Resouce Requirements

Resouce Requirements



Traceable Blueprints

Traceable Blueprints

our 6-step process

how to make free toys from trash in 6 easy steps
Plastic bag 400x

Day 1

Collect Your Trash

Start saving your trash now. Clean your trash and make sure it does not smell. If it smells, that means it is not clean.

Use a little dishwashing soap and lukewarm water.

1 Collect Your Trash Video Holding Screen med
Scissors copy400x

Day 2

Shape your Trash

You may measure & draw the shapes.

Or you may trace the blueprints. 

Follow the instruction in the videos to shape your trash.

2 Shape your Trash Video Holding Screen med

Day 3

Glue your Trash

using your regular wood/craft glue from school, use an old brush to spread the glue.

The glue can take a while to dry.

3 Glue your Trash Video Holding Screen med

Day 4

Seal your Trash

Once the glue has dried, we can now seal it.

This will make it stronger & prepare it for painting.

We use podge to seal our toys.

No podge? No panic!
Podge = 3 parts glue + 1 part water.
Be sure to watch our video on how to make podge
4 Seal your Trash Video Holding Screen med

Day 5

Paint your Toy

we have foolproof techniques to allow anyone to paint their toy like a master. 

No skill necessary. 

5 Paint your Trash Video Holding Screen med
Spray Bottle

Day 6

Finish your Toy

Your toy is nearly done. Time for the finishing touches. These are crucial for hiding your mistakes and creating that photo-realistic finish. You can do it.

6 Finish your Toy Video Holding Screen med

Ready to start saving the world?

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“You do not need to ask permission to take responsibility

Creativity Inc. by Ed Catmull


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