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By adapting animation techniques used in video games, toymakers illustrate in 6 easy to follow videos how to transform trash into epic toys.

Rather than use binary 1’s & 0’s, toymakers use straws, plastic bags & other common household items & trash  to create realistic-looking toys.

No skill is required with our foolproof techniques
The average toy takes less than 20 minutes a day.
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Save the world, one toy at a time.

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There are so many free building resources at your disposal: plastic bottles, cereal boxes, straws, egg boxes etc.

Think of all the packaging in your cupboards right now that will be thrown away. Free resources!

By utilising these single-use waste products, we are able to build resource-oriented growth mindsets
it helps us make toys for free whilst reducing trash

The process

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By following our 6-part video instructions, anyone interested can create epic looking toys for themselves.

Less than 20 minutes a day,

get impressive results.

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Custom Models

We also build custom professional models

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The Toymakers Academy

is a registered Non-Profit Company – s.18 Public Benefit Organisation
Registration Number: 2019 / 145566 / 08
NPO: 229-127